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Treating PTSD, depression and anxiety naturally and safely, and also detoxing medications and vaccines. My practice is based in Ceredigion Wales UK and Worldwide via Skype.
I treat a whole range of different health conditions and I am particularly interested in the natural and safe treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder – PTSD and CPTSD, depression and anxiety, also the detoxing of medications and vaccines in children and adults.
Suffering from depression and anxiety can lead to many health problems so, booking your first appointment with me for a confidential and sympathetic chat is a great step forward.

“I am now doing things I enjoy and I’m actually enjoying them.”

“There has been a drastic change since I last spoke to you.”

“I am definitely feeling a lot better; I am not having any suicidal thoughts at all.”


The quotes above, and on the right, are all from my clients. There is no better reward for me than to hear these words. Homeopathic treatment is individual to you and allows you to work with me on a one to one basis. I will listen to everything you “want” to tell me; you do not have to re-live any trauma. I am interested in what you are experiencing now -what are your symptoms? How do they impact your life? How long have you been experiencing them? We will talk through your symptoms at your own pace. You are in charge here.

Homeopathic treatment allows for a natural and gentle clearing of the symptoms, with on-going help and support during the treatment.

PTSD feedback -

"... I'm able to take a step back and come up with a calmer way of handling the situation ... I've also become more centered ...  All I can say is THANK YOU so very much, from the very bottom of my transformed soul! "CE


"I'm so pleased with the results, over the last few months my confidence has grown and my anxiety levels have dropped. I'm going out and making new friends; something I thought I'd never do again."


 Consultations are at my clinics in Aberystwyth, Machynlleth and Newcastle Emlyn, in Wales, UK, or worldwide by Skype.

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