Tissue salts – pregnancy

Pregnancy Tissue Salt Programme.

During pregnancy, your baby will require certain minerals at different stages of its development. This programme will help to make good any deficiencies and help with the baby’s basic need for mineral salts. This programme benefits both mum and baby.

Calc – fluor. – for bone development and elasticity of connective tissue (helps prevent stretch marks)
Mag – phos. – for heartburn and nerve development
Ferr – phos. – for blood oxygenation
Nat – mur. – helps control salt, and therefore fluid balance, and helps prevent swollen ankles.
Silica – for teeth, bones, hair and general strength.

Put x 4 of each tablet into a glass of water and sip through the day. Take the indicated tissue salts daily for the whole month.
You can buy tissue salts in potency 6x-12x.

2nd and 6th month
• Calc–fluor
• Mag–phos
• Ferr–phos

3rd and 7th month
• Calc-fluor
• Mag-phos
• Nat-mur

4th and 8th month
• Calc-fluor
• Nat-mur
• Silica

5th and 9th month
• Calc-fluor
• Ferr-phos
• Silica

Lesley Jeffreys LicWSH

A constitutional remedy alongside the tissue salt programme will ensure that you are at your optimum health during your pregnancy and labour.

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