About Me

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I have had a passionate interest in all forms of natural healing for the past 30 years. After my first child had a bad reaction to her first vaccination, I wanted to find “another way”. It was then that I discovered homeopathy and after trawling through bookshops in Hay on Wye I found my "other way" in a small Materia Medica by E B Nash, which contained the descriptions/personalities of homeopathic remedies; I was hooked.

It made perfect sense to me that we should be treated as individuals as we all express ourselves in such different and diverse ways. Just as we are all unique, no two cases of any illness are identical.

I have found homeopathy to be a gentle healer without the harsh side effects that many modern medicines throw out.
I successfully treated family and friends for many years before obtaining my license to practice from the Welsh School of Homeopathy in Carmarthen.

I have previously worked for the NHS as a Paediatric Physiotherapy Technician and now I concentrate fully on my homeopathic practice.

I have 4 wonderful children, who have been my greatest teachers in life!