A few homeopathic remedies for PTSD and CPTSD

17 Sep


PTSD can come on suddenly after a single event; maybe a car accident or an earthquake, or perhaps a difficult visit to hospital. It can also be as a result of a prolonged exposure to trauma, such as abuse during childhood; domestic violence; through work in the rescue services etc.
There are many different homeopathic remedies that can be of great value in treating PTSD safely, effectively and naturally without side effects.
Below I am going to give some of the more common indications of a very small sample of remedies that I use. This list is by no means extensive and the indications and symptom picture that I am giving is very brief. It is always best to consult a qualified homeopath, especially if the trauma is long standing, so a full case history and symptom picture can be taken and the most appropriate remedy found for your individual circumstances.

1. Arsenicum album:
This remedy is particularly suited to the “over anxious” person who worries about everything. The world feels likes a threatening place and there is great anxiety. One feels defenceless and very much alone, to the extent that they need constant company and reassurance.
This type of anxiety can be described as hypochondriacal as they are in constant fear of their health, and the health of their loved ones they may even feel as though they are going to die and will avoid many harmful things and situations. There may be a germ phobia and this can be very restricting for them, stopping them going out in to public places. They are very conscientious and fastidious, they like to have everything in its place; which can be taken to the extreme and can manifest in compulsive disorders.

Ailments from – abuse; sexual abuse; grief; frights with shock; mortification

2. Aconitum napellus:
For people needing Aconitum, the trauma has often been sudden and unexpected, for example a car accident or an earthquake. There is a rapid heartbeat and a sensation as though death is near, the person may even predict the time of death.
It is an acute state of panic that has come on suddenly. This state can be with the person for a very long time and is often masked and then re-appears when the person is “triggered”. The symptoms can go as quickly as they arrive, as in an acute panic attack. There is great anxiety and restlessness with palpitation and the face may alternate between being flushed and pale.

Ailments from – sudden, unexpected trauma; abuse, including sexual abuse; fright; grief; injuries; bad news; shock.

3. Argentum nitricum:
This a big anticipatory anxiety remedy, and is indicated when something is expected of them, and they think they are going to fail. It’s great when there is an event arranged and there is nervous anticipation, e.g. exams, appointments or even just going to the shops etc.
The anticipation almost always affects the stomach and the stools become loose, necessitating many visits to the toilet with loose stools.
Lots of phobias are also associated with this remedy, especially fear in a crowd; fear in public places; fear in narrow spaces; fear of heights; fear of failing. The is a big fear that something terrible is going to happen.

Ailments from – anger; anticipation; anxiety; fright; grief; indignation, worries.

4. Aurum metallicum:
The Aurum picture is one of emptiness and despair. The person is depressed and has no interest in life, or people around them. They may often feel guilty or have regrets; wishing they had done or said things differently. There is a feeling that they have lost their purpose in life and that life is not worth living.

Ailments from – grief; shame; financial loss; failure; fright; disappointed love.

5. Stramonium:
Stramonium is indicated where the fear is intense. They can’t bear to be on their own. There is a great feeling isolation and a great fear of the dark. The person needing this remedy can be very angry, and the anger can erupt very suddenly and even be quite violent. There can be a great fear of water and dogs.

Ailments from – abuse – sexual and childhood; disappointment; deception; fright; grief; being neglected; shock; injuries.


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