Is homeopathy safe during pregnancy?

1 Jul

This is something I have been asked many times during my life as a homeopath.
And the answer is – Yes!
Absolutely! Totally! No question about it!

I have used homeopathy myself during my own pregnancies and have worked with many mums-to-be supporting their problems in the most gentle way.

A homeopathic journey during pregnancy, is one of the safest and most gentle ways of healing for yourself and your baby.

The tissue salt programme is a great place to start – as early as you can, or it can be picked up at any point as the salts are repeated over the months.
This programme will help the good development of bones, teeth and skin for your baby and maintain mum’s body in good condition too. The salts also address cramps, oedema and heartburn. They’ll also keep your blood in check by regulating and aiding absorption of iron from the foods you eat.

So if you’re pregnant and feeling a bit under the weather and need some physical and emotional support then you can guaranteed that homeopathy will help you through.

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