Muscular skeletal - arthritis - osteoporosis -

"I first met Lesley in March 2016. I fractured my right shoulder, and her name was given to me by my daughter who had met her professionally. The fractures were so bad I could not have metal supports. By the time I met Lesley part of my arm muscles were permanently wasted away. I took an instant liking to Lesley when I first spoke to her on the telephone, calm, understanding, supportive, and kind.

Her personal visit confirmed how I felt on the telephone. We spent about an hour going through my medical history, my current illnesses and my emotional state. Lesley provided remedies for all these issues.

I have been seeing Lesley recently for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis / arthritis in my legs, shoulder, and spine and jaw. Particularly I have " pins and needles" from both knees to my ankles, and both my hands. I have been taking strong pain killers and having Physiotherapy and massage weekly to ease the pain and help loosen the leg muscles. Lesley provided me with a remedy to take 3 times a day. Within about three days I was able to walk for about two miles with little discomfort. The severe pain in my right leg has gone, no other pain has appeared. My legs ache, a different ache to the severe pain, probably because I am now walking with a better balance. The numbness in my legs rarely recurs. I do get pins and needles in my fingers if I hold a book or telephone receiver for more than thirty minutes.

I feel generally better in myself and far more positive.
Lesley made me feel far more positive and hopeful about life in general. I had not realised how low I felt after the fracture happened, the lack of movement, the original physio not helping, the side effects of the medication.

I have used homeopathy since the mid 1970s, particularly arnica for bruises, calendula for burns. I took arnica in hospital in 1980 after a major hysterectomy operation and was serving tea to other patients after three days. I wish I had met her in 2003 when my appendix burst.

The consultation was excellent. Lesley made me feel instantly at ease, asked all the relevant questions, mental, physical and spiritual. I was able to understand more about how I felt and recognise issues.

I would highly recommend Lesley. She is the perfect alternative therapist for homeopathy. Lesley asks for personal information in a way that you feel safe and confident she can provide a remedy and recommend seeing a doctor if she unable to help. With homeopathy it is always important to explain in full and the truth, otherwise the remedy could be incorrect." JW


Skin rash - allergic reaction -

"I had an unidentified allergic reaction in early January 2020 resulting in hives over most of my body, some of which went on to blister rather dramatically and all of which itched like crazy. After some NHS treatment it subsided but didn’t leave and I never trusted it not to return before long and just as violently.

I turned to homeopathy to neutralize the residue from NHS treatment and for guidance on eradication.

The result was a huge difference and my body/mind is not struggling in the same way Symptoms are now low chronic with recurrence due to tiredness or heat.

Lesley is a very empathetic practitioner and extremely professional. As a client that degree of support is really helpful as is her speed of response to following up enquiries.

I definitely felt included in the process not just a list of symptoms!

Will definitely recommend her to others." HW


Eczema -
"Having had eczema my whole life, I learned a long time ago that GPs could offer no help. Over a period of about 30 years, I have consulted homeopaths on those occasions when the condition became unmanageable. After a recent flare up, I was fortunate to find Lesley and have experienced a remarkable improvement in a very short time. Three months ago, I had red watering eyes, burning cracked skin and felt thoroughly miserable. After two consultations and the appropriate remedies, I am literally comfortable in my skin. I hope that I won’t have another flare up but if I do, I will consult Lesley sooner rather than later." SC

"Lesley is a fantastic healer. I suffered with a few mental & emotional malfunctions. After 2 dosages (2 "pills" once a month), my harmful rage outbursts have dwindled down to a mean stare, I'm able to take a step back and come up with a calmer way of handling the situation. I'd like to see a Pharma pill do that, with no side effects or withdrawals! I've also become more centered. Lesley is really easy to talk to, she has a way of not judging you and making you feel like a crazy person. Which is a great thing when all you need is a good ol' heart to heart, because sometimes all you need to be grounded again, is a listening ear and a friendly smile. All I can say is THANK YOU so very much, from the very bottom of my transformed soul!" CE


Recurrent stomach upset -

"I am very happy with Lesley's recent treatment of my daughter. She had been having grumbling symptoms for 6 weeks which her Dr felt weren't overly serious but n
onetheless weren't responding to the usual meds and were causing several school absences and all the stress that involves!!
After a very thorough consultation followed up with a tailored remedy, we soon had a full resolution of signs and my daughter's back to her old self.
Homoeopathy is fascinating and I look forward to learning more about it in future!" GO


Constipation -


"I always used homeopathy for my children when they were growing up - with great success, mostly due to finding the right homeopath. Recently my granddaughter had some trouble with severe constipation - including all of the emotional issues that surround it; I needed a homeopath as conventional medicine had no effect. I contacted Lesley and she took over. After receiving and taking the remedies, that Lesley had sent, my granddaughter lost all of her tension after about 20mins. A couple of days later everything was back to normal.
I found the right homeopath - thank you Lesley." EE


Breast cysts -

"I recently received a remedy from Lesley after discovering I had a large cluster of cysts in my right breast. An initial scan and biopsy confirmed that it was nothing more sinister but I did have a cluster of at least 6 that were about the size of a plum and causing discomfort. I also had a number of other smaller cysts throughout my breast. At the time of taking the remedy the cysts had been noticeable for approximately 16 weeks. The scan also revealed a number of small cystic pockets in my left breast.

I went back to hospital for a check-up scan 4 weeks after taking the remedy and was completely shocked by the progress. Although I could feel the cysts had disappeared I expected to still see the cystic pockets still visible on the scan but the only thing that remained across both breasts was one pocket which the doctor estimated was about 5mm wide. Knowing already that the cysts had reduced in size was fantastic but seeing that the cystic pockets had disappeared completely was fantastic.

Thank-you Lesley for your knowledge and support throughout." CC


Anxiety and panic attacks -

"I contacted Lesley after many years of anxiety and panic attacks, along with phobias and obsessive thoughts, due to traumas that had happened in my life.

After having counselling, hypnosis, and being offered prescriptions from the doctor, I thought there must be a better way, and finally I came across Lesley and gave it a go being reluctant to be on medication for my issues.

I worried about being stuck in a state of anxiety for the rest of my life, and didn't feel there was a way forward until I came across Lesley and Homeopathy, and I can honestly say, that I have never looked back.
I found Lesley easy to talk to, telling her worries and issues that I had kept deep inside my self.
She is a very talented, and deeply knowledgeable Homeopath, and has brought me back to living a full life, instead of one that was being held back, due to all sorts of fears and phobias.
She doesn't judge at all, and takes all that you tell her, in her stride, and her whole approach is extremely reassuring too.
I am at last moving forward in life, and cannot thank Lesley enough.
Please do try her and indeed Homeopathy, and test it out for yourself." SW


Depression and anger -

'Remarkable' is the word that most aptly describes the transformation that followed my consultation with Lesley.
Seeing Lesley at the suggestion of a friend, I was at the time in a deeply troubled emotional state, wondering what life's all about, what's the point of it all, and also having a very short fuse, and suppressing great anger.
One week after receiving my remedy I found that my anger and doubt had suddenly been replaced by positivity and a zest for life once more." RW


"When I was looking for a homeopath I had been suffering from hay fever, cystitis, bronchitis and eczema for years, I also suffered from brain-fog. I had tried every medication going with not much relief. I was unable to go outdoors because of my condition and had to give up running. I couldn’t use make-up in the summer because my eyes were streaming constantly.
Something had to be done. I approached Lesley to become my homeopath and since treatment began, about 3 months ago, I can feel a real shift; some of my symptoms have completely cleared, some are still in the process of clearing. I feel more comfortable now than I have in a long time and I continue to feel better every day.
The real bonus for me is that I can speak to Lesley about anything, no judgements are passed and she is very clear about talking to me about my remedy and what my treatment entails. She is a very knowledgeable and intuitive homeopath and I would recommend her to anyone."  AS


"Lesley has been a great homeopath for me, I totally trust her knowledge of the remedies, and I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking to be treated in a natural and caring way." LF


"I have always been responsive to homeopathy, but Lesley seems to have the knack of tuning in to the 'right' remedy for me as I feel things have shifted and are continuing to do so ~ for the better of course! Lesley has an experience of life that reflects in her manner - understanding, kind and gentle in her way which in turn creates a safe environment for working through the layers of quite often deeply personal issues on my part, I recommend her highly."  MM


"I took my son to see Lesley after he had been suffering from recurring fevers, she really made my son feel comfortable and was very thorough in the treatment provided."  JJ


"Lesley is highly intuitive and empathetic, and after a Homeopathy session with her I often find myself with new insights into my journey through life, as well as the exact remedy I need. Natural healing methods have always been a part of my life (I am also a Complementary Therapist specialising in Reflexology) and I count Homeopathy to be one of the most important. It is a powerful and meaningful process which requires great skill on the part of the practitioner to be able to get the best results. I am fortunate indeed to have Lesley as my Homeopath and have no hesitation in recommending her to my clients, friends and family." LP


"Lesley recently treated me for carpal tunnel syndrome which had been a problem for me for about a year. She prescribed a combination homeopathic remedy and tissue salt which I took for about a week before I started to notice a significant shift in my symptoms. My wrists were stronger and the tendons felt more elastic and cohesive. That was over a month ago and they have continued to heal steadily without the need for any further remedies. I am delighted with this result and very grateful to Lesley for her care and expertise."  BT


The above statements from patients do not represent evidence that homeopathy works, but are the personal opinion of people whom homeopathy has helped. I am not allowed by the Advertising Standards Authority to imply that homeopathic treatment can help any specific medical conditions. I would like to make it clear that these statements are not meant to imply that a particular homeopathic remedy can cure a specific medical condition. This is not how I believe that homeopathy works. You may however note from these unedited comments that people who have been diagnosed with a wide range of medical conditions have reported that they have experienced an apparent benefit from homeopathy.