Treating PTSD and CPTSD

Treating PTSD and CPTSD with homeopathy.

The great thing about treating PTSD and CPTSD with homeopathy is that you don’t have to go over the old trauma that left you in the “state” you are in now, this is because there is absolutely no need for you to suffer needlessly. You’ve already had that experience, why have it again? Yes, it can be useful to know what the incident was, but it is not necessary to go into detail at all. If anything, this can trigger an intense anxiety situation that is best avoided. Having said that, some people may want to share their experience; perhaps, they’ve never talked about it before, and that’s ok too.

Homeopathy is not about treating the rock that is thrown into the pool, it’s about looking at what is on the surface NOW; the ripples - the effects of the rock.
As a homeopath, I am interested in the symptoms you are experiencing NOW, how the initial trauma has affected your life and your emotions, and the mental and physical symptoms you are experiencing because of that.

Modern medicine, unfortunately masks the symptoms experienced with drugs, the symptoms you were experiencing don’t go away, they are still there, and for some can be intensified.
I see a lot of people really struggling to adjust to the meds they are taking, having all sorts of side effects, that in the long run only cause more symptoms that more drugs are needed to alleviate. Before you know it, you are in a vicious circle of drug taking and no end seems in sight.

Counselling is difficult for a lot of people also, because you would be encouraged to talk through the details of the trauma, I don’t believe this is a helpful approach because it prolongs the suffering. The way I see it – if you broke your leg 10 years ago and you came to me for help I am not going to break your leg again in order for me to know what you experienced at the time; I want to know the impact of that break and how it is affecting your life right now, not back then. Back then was back then - let’s deal with the here and now.

Trauma changes people over night, whether it’s a one-off incident like a car crash, or something that has happened over a long period of time like sexual/physical abuse. Your emotions change, your physical health is affected, you may stop sleeping; dreams can turn to nightmares. These changes can be soul destroying making every day a struggle and a challenge. Some may lock themselves away and not have any contact with people and others may find that they need to be around someone constantly. We all have different and varying responses, which is again why homeopathy is so great because it treats your own individual responses and reactions, it’s because it is safe and natural and effective, it’s because you can get better, it’s because you are important and you CAN get your life back.

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"I'm so pleased with the results, over the last few months my confidence has grown and my anxiety levels have dropped. I'm going out and making new friends; something I thought I'd never do again."


Lesley Jeffreys LicWSH

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